"Mountain territory” club’s projects. Anoxic summits and freeride descents from the highest mountains in the World.



We are the athletes who challenge themselves and nature. We summit and perform ski descents from the highest mountains (8000+ m) in the World without using bottled oxygen.


We make professional movies, which are aimed at both outdoor enthusiasts and wide audience as well. We are creating a non-commercial project about the struggle of a person with the nature and himself, motivating people to go to the mountains and illustrating the correct behavior in the mountains.

Anton Pugovkin

Snow leo

Master of mountaineering, member of Russian National Team, a multiple champions of Russia. Made a lot of first ascents and climbed the most difficult walls in the World (Aksu, Troll Wall, Grandes Jorasses). 10 times conquered the summits more than 7000m high including the most difficult grade routes.

Vitaly Lazo

Snow leo

Leader of “Mountain territory” club, ski-mountaineer. Participated in more than 20 high altitude expeditions. Made ski descents from the top of Lenin Peak (7135), Pobeda Peak (7438), Manaslu (8163) without using bottled oxygen. High altitude cameraman.


8125 m

Trailer to the film about the results of the ascent to Nanga Parbat

It’s terrible snow here, firn. An hour later it got dark, we were going down with head lamps ... At midnight we were in the assault camp. Me and Anton, we couldn't talk. We just moaned to each other, pointing at the objects. I can't remember now without tears. A little later Kala came over. Some tea. Sleeping bag. Sleep. It looks like our life was before and after Nang Parbat 2019 now.


8091 m

A film episode about climbing on Annapurna

Everything we do on the mountain depends only on us and even if there were some other camps the probability of providing assistance is minimal..


8163 m

A film episode about climbing on Manaslu

It’s like you are in a parallel World, in one or perhaps more at once, feeling how your mind floats away...

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A film episode about climbing on Manaslu

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