8163 m



Mountain in Himalayans, the summit is 8156 meters high. Manaslu is the 8th highest mountain in the World. It is located in Mansiri-Gimal mountain range in the North of the central Nepal (wiki materials).

In September 2017 Vitalij Lazo and Anton Pugovkin performed an anoxic climb and made the first freeride descent from the top of a 8000+ meters high mountain performed by Russians

Vitaly Lazo about climbing Manaslu:
"You slide for 5-10 meters forward and then you STOP, breathe for a few minutes, feel suffocated. It is getting dark in your head, you lean... it's getting a little easier. Then slowly you get back to a straight stance, and keep on breathing. Feeling released, you start to cover the next 10 meters. One turn, one more turn, and the story repeats itself. You stop, on the brink of losing consciousness you swallow air, instinctively you curl up, the head is going lower and lower… You seem to be in a parallel world, one, two or even more realities, worlds. You can feel as your consciousness is floating away...

According to 2018, a mortality rate for alpinists for all history of Manaslu climbing is 17,8%

It’s like you are in a parallel World, in one or perhaps more at once, feeling how your mind floats away...
Broad Peak and Gasherbrum I